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Preliminary Consultation.


This is not an initial consultation with a Dr. but an assessment of your current chronic pain condition and a review of your medical history relating to chronic pain. During this consultation   a risk assessment will  be done. The cost of this preliminary examination is $150 payable by all major credit / debit cards and money orders only.

Only individuals with a current chronic pain condition, a supporting medical history and an assessed  low risk of misuse, abuse or diversion of medications can be approved to be admitted as a patient .  Doctors, Nurses and management staff may need to request more information in order to make a final admittance decision. 

WARNING : Indivduals who attempt to obtain prescriptions for Narcotic Mediations through fraud are commiting a third-degree felony in the State of Florida. Falsifing records,  lying to a doctor to obtain prescriptions for controlled medications, falsifying MRI reports, forging referrals, seeing multiple Dr's to obtain similiar controlled medications  are just a few examples of fraud and are violations of Florida Satute 893.13.

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