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SI Joint Injections 

Sacroiliac (SI) joints are located in the back of the hips, like other joints they can develop osteoarthritis; where the bones rub against each other resulting in inflammation and differing intensities of pain.  Treatment involves the Injection of a local anesthetic and steroids into the SI and facet joints inorder to relieve pain.


Trigger Point Injections

Trigger points are areas where muscles are in spasm causing pain. Trigger Point Injections are given directly into the muscle targeting this area. This type of procedure may be performed on any muscle but are typically done on the back and neck, where trigger points are  more common. 

Intercostal Nerve Block

 Injections of an analgesic medicine into the spaces between the ribs. This procedure is typically used  for the treatment of pain caused by post heart/ chest  surgery, fractured ribs, or shingles.

Shoulder Joint Block

Regional anaesthetic techniques are used to control pain effectively both at rest and on movement, reduce muscle spasm, and allow earlier mobilization.  This procedure has the potential to improve both patient recovery and outcome after both open and arthroscopic surgeries

Intra-articular Injection

Injections of a steroid into a joint typically the shoulder, hip, or knee to alleviate joint inflammation and pain due to bursitis, arthritis, or tendonitis.


Coanalgesic are medications whose primary indication are for a purpose other than pain relief, but that demonstrate some analgesic effects. Antidepressants, anticonvulsants, corticosteroids, and other drugs may be used as coanalgesics. Coanalgesics may be used in addition to other analgesics or alone as primary treatment for specific painful conditions. 

Hormone Replacement

HRT Hormone Replacement Therapy  the patient, in the course of medical treatment, receives hormones, either to supplement a lack of naturally occurring hormones, or to substitute other hormones for naturally occurring hormones. 

IV Therapy

The skillful use of intravenous (IV) pain medications can be a powerful tool in managing pain. The proper use of IV drugs  can bring relief to those suffering from pain.

   Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone is a male hormone that means much more to men than just a healthy sex drive. The hormone affects several other factors in your health, including body fat, muscle mass, bone density, red blood cell count, and overall mood.

Normal testosterone levels are between 300 and 1,000 ng/dL. If a blood test shows your levels are far below the norm, you may want to consider testosterone injections as a form of testosterone replacement therapy.






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