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At Rivercoast Anesthesia's  Ketamine Treatment Center, we provide a safe and comfortable environment for the infusion of Ketamine to treat your chronic pain , depression or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 
Our treatment is helped with the added benefits of hypnosis. We are the only center in Central Florida , that provides the benefits that this combination offers.


Chronic pain - pain that lasts over months or years


  • Has significant effects on your day to day life and on your mental health.

Depression, anxiety, sadness, not to mention the physical limitations. The part of the brain that processes chronic pain, the Limbic System also process emotions, pain is tied to emotional processing. This helps to explain how feelings influence pain and vice versa


How does Ketamine help chronic pain and depression?


  • Ketamine is an anesthetic drug developed in the 60’s. It has long been used to provide anesthesia and to manage pain

  • Recently it was discovered that patients that were treated with ketamine for other reasons had relief from their pain and/or depression for days, weeks, sometimes months afterwards.

  • Ketamine was also found to reduce suicidal thoughts within hours of administration.

  • Interrupts pain transmission before it reaches spinal cord and brain, allowing a “reboot or rewiring” of the central pain center and desensitization of peripheral nerves.

  • Every time we can interrupt the pain message process, these groups of cells, these chronic pain loops, start to lose their connection, breaking up those well-traveled pathways

  • While helping to break up old pathways Ketamine also stimulates the formation of new nerve cells and connections, new pathways and helps neural cell circuits damaged by chronic depression and or stress to heal.

Change pathways by changing biological experience



  • Works in conjunction with Ketamine

  • Focused awareness. the limbic system is the channel for incoming sensory information and initiation of the appropriate behavior. Where automatic or unconscious memory is stored.

  • Remember we said that every thought/perception sends chemicals to these cells? Using guided imagery, visualization and mental rehearsal to change chemical message and create new neural pathways, a new memory.

  • Deep relaxation to decrease stress which is a component of 80% of all chronic pain

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